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Evan Shelan

Evan Shelan is the creator & founder of Global Fintech Forum. He graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BA in economics. In 1994 he transformed the foreign currency exchange business from an analogue model to a web-based environment... continue >

Debbie Shelan

Debbie Shelan, co-owner and Vice-President of Global Fintech Forum, graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BS in Education and from The University of Texas in Tyler with an MS in Education. After teaching for seven years... continue >

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge Jimenez joins Global Fintech Forum from the Federal Reserve System, where he was the Product Development Director of FedGlobal®. Throughout his career - 15 years of which have been in payment systems - Jimenez changed conventional wisdom on international payments by helping financial institutions provide low-cost ACH remittance... continue >

Robert Crandall

The Wall Street Journal has called Robert L. Crandall, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AMR Corporation and American Airlines, "the man who changed the way the world flies." During his 25-year tenure at American Airlines, Crandall was instrumental in introducing several changes which revolutionized the travel industry... continue >

Eric Green

Mr. Green, 49, has served as Chairman/CEO of Dallas, Texas based Real Time Resolutions, Inc. since its inception in March, 2000. Real Time Resolutions, Inc. is one of the largest mortgage specialty servicers in the U.S., servicing problem mortgage loans for many national institutions and investment banks... continue >

Stephanie Shelan Katz

Stephanie Shelan Katz is Global Fintech Forum's Director of Communications. A graduate of Brandeis University with a B.A in film and literature and NYU with a MA in Art Therapy, Stephanie has a strong background in communications, particularly writing, editing and design... continue >

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